Air compressor not working? Get help with our maintenance and troubleshooting guide

How to maintain and store your compressor

  • Before you start using your compressor, read through the manual and make yourself familiar with the instructions on general maintenance.
  • You should drain the air receiver regularly while you are working. It’s a simple but important step.
  • When you finish with your compressor for the day, drain and empty the receiver.
  • Read our detailed guide to help you maintain your air compressor

How to get your air compressor started and running

  • Connect the hose to the compressed air outlet. Check the coupling. If it is supplied loose, you must screw it securely into the thread before you use it.
  • With the compressor OFF, connect the air-operated tool you intend to use to the other end of the hose.
  • Insert the plug into a suitable size and rated socket. This means a 230v socket with a 13 amp fuse for our DIY compressors but you must check the instructions with your equipment. You must always use an earthed electricity supply.
  • Press or rotate the button of the on/off switch.
  • Use the regulator to adjust the air flow to the appropriate level for the air operated tools. Check the tool manufacturer’s guidance to find out the specific requirement.
  • Always switch off the compressor when you aren’t using it. If you intend to re-use the compressor, always wait for at least ten seconds before switching it on again. Always pull out the plug when you have finished work.
    For safety, the winding of the electrical motor incorporates a thermal cut-out RT that automatically switches off the electric current if the motor overheats. The motor restarts automatically when it has cooled to normal temperature.
  • Q. My compressor will not stop and is not building up pressure:
    A. Is the drain plug under the receiver fully closed? Check and close it.
  • Q. My compressor makes a small hissing noise when the receiver is empty and the compressor starts:
    A. This is quite normal. The (ON/OFF) pressure switch is designed to depressurize the pump before starting and will discharge some air as the compressor is building up pressure.
  • Q. My compressor has stopped and will not restart:
    A. The electric motor has a thermal protection. If the compressor has been running for too long, or has been used with an unsuitable extension lead or adaptor, the thermal protection will activate. It will reset itself once the electric motor has cooled down.