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Small compressors

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The chances are that you are looking for a small or mini air compressor that doesn’t take up too much space. Not many of us has unlimited space in our garage, workshop or shed so we need to find a compressor that is small but effective. (Many of our small compressors are also portable.)

In addition to our small compressor range, you can buy a mini air compressor, called the Compy O15, which is a tougher version of the compressor that might come with your car. Although it is small and light, it is powerful enough to cope with inflating tyres on a 4×4 or motorhome.

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All our air compressors are rated according to the air delivered (CFM or litres per minute) and the Free Air Delivery (FAD). As a guideline a 2HP compressor will deliver about 7 CFM and a 3HP compressor will deliver around 10.5 CFM FAD. When you buy a small compressor you also need to think about its capacity. The capacity of your air compressor is a combination of actual volume output, duty cycle, and tank size. The Free Air Delivery (FAD) figure tells you how much air the compressor will actually deliver. (Take a look at our air compressor FAQs if you aren’t sure what this means).

You need to be confident that your small compressor will provide enough free fir for your air tools. If you are uncertain, please ask our LiveChat experts. Explain what you need and they will guide you to the best small air compressor for your needs.

Shop for Small Compressors

The amount of air you need and how long you need to run your compressor will affect the duty cycle you require from it. For intermittent use, for example for spraying a garden fence or kitchen cupboard a small direct drive compressor will be more than adequate. A project that requires a more sophisticated spray gun and heavy duty (many hours of use over several days) will require a compressor producing much greater CFM. This normally means you need a belt driven compressor of 3HP or above. If you are using HVLP spray guns or you think you need a lot of compressed air, please ask our LiveChat team for advice.