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Portable compressors

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Portable air compressors with handles are ideal for most DIY uses.

It seems obvious to say that you can carry your portable compressor around and all them have handles to make them easy to lift. You can also choose one of our slightly larger portable air compressors with wheels. A compressor on wheels is very useful if you are simply moving it around a workshop but size matters if you want to move it to different rooms or up and down stairs. If you want a truly portable compressor, check its weight in the Additional Information tab and choose one that you can pick up and carry fairly easily.

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You will find all the ABAC portable compressors are ideal for DIY, home and hobby uses. In this range you will find several different receiver sizes but they all offer 8-10 Bar of working pressure. At the simplest level, you need a bigger receiver if you want to run tools that need a lot of air. Click to find out more about getting the best compressor or ask our LiveChat team to guide you towards the best system for you.

Portable compressors come complete with regulator and outlet coupling and they deliver between 5.7 and 9.5 CFM (take a look at our Air Compressor FAQs if you aren’t sure what this means). They are direct drive so you might want to look at a different range if you need a belt driven compressor for spray painting.

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