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Buying your First Compressor?

ABAC created the Baseline air compressor range with you in mind. This range of affordable, compact compressors is ideal for your first system. They all run with a 13 amp plug and you will find a model for almost any DIY application. You also get a compressor with ABAC quality, low costs of ownership and great value.

This range includes direct drive receiver mounted air compressors. If you only need your compressor occasionally, this can be an affordable starting point. You will also appreciate our competitive online pricing. These compressors suit most DIY projects including garden uses, cleaning, inflating tyres, or upholstery projects. The smallest and lightest Baseline compressor is the Vento B15 which is small enough to take in your car. If this is a bit too small, there are many more to choose from.

The Pole Position B15 has a 1.5HP motor, like the Vento B15. However, it has larger receiver which gives you a greater volume of usable air.

The Pole Position B20 and the Montecarlo B20 both have 2 HP motors but the Montecarlo has a 50 litre receiver. This is more than double the 24 litres offered by the Pole Position. You will find this useful if your air tools demand quite a lot of air but you only use them in short bursts.

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If you plan to use your air compressor for bigger projects or more demanding tools, you need a bigger unit. You will find the belt drive Baseline compressor is ideal for spray painting and running bigger tools. All our belt drive Baselines will give you 10 Bar of working pressure but the receiver sizes and displacement vary:

If you are new to buying compressors and you aren’t quite sure what you want, please ask our LiveChat experts and they can guide you to the best system for you.

Shop for Baseline Compressors on our secure shopping site