Using compressor to fill car tyre

Small, portable air compressors for your home

Before you get your first air compressor home, you will probably ask yourself “Do I really need an air compressor for DIY?” Lots of people ask themselves this and then, once they’ve bought their first compressor, they are amazed at the variety of ways they find themselves using it. A portable air compressor is usually the best choice when you buy a DIY air compressor as it will give you the flexibility to get air to wherever you need. Before you make your final decision, you might also like our range of small air compressors which are easy to store.

Why is an air compressor the best source of power for DIY tasks?
1. Air tools don’t get hot while you are using them so you can get the job done efficiently with high power tools;
2. You can use air tools even when it’s wet, provided you have the right source of power for your compressor;
3. Air tools can be safe to use even when there are gases around, like solvent fumes;
4. The average lifespan of air tools is higher than electric equivalents, provided you maintain your tools and air compressor properly;
5. Air tools make so many jobs quick and easy!

Once you own an air compressor and air tools, we are certain that you’ll find many different jobs for them. The 3 most popular way to use your compressor are:
1. Around the home for DIY and home building projects;
2. In the garage or workshop to make car and bicycle maintenance easier and
3. Spray painting jobs in and around the home.

More people than ever choose air tools. We have seen some crazy ideas on but we would love to hear about the different ways you use them.

Whatever the reason you choose yours, you will find it gives you quality, performance and reliability at a very affordable price.

Choose ABAC Air Compressors for Longevity and Reliability

It’s obvious that if you ask us which air compressors are the best, we will say ABAC. The thing is, we really do believe it. Our air compressors give you a safe, clean, versatile and portable source of power. They are robust and reliable and we have an expert team on hand to help you.
Because ABAC designs and manufactures all its own air compressors, we have confidence in our supply chain. We use high quality, up-to-date technology to give you great air compressors. Buy from us and enjoy the security of a well-established multinational with a strong track record. There’s a lot to be said for that.

Enjoy competitive servicing and maintenance costs with ABAC equipment. You get good quality compressors and buy supplies at sensible prices. Our equipment is backed by a 1 year warranty to give you confidence. We guarantee we will keep producing filters, hoses etc. for at least the typical lifetime of your compressor.