Air powered rotary sander being used on a boat

Air compressors for home and hobby

Using compressor to fill car tyre
Once you have an air compressor at home, you’ll find lots of different (and sometimes surprising) uses for it. Pumping up airbeds with a foot pump might seem fun for the first few minutes but the novelty wears off pretty quickly. So many of us rely on an airbed or two when visitors come to stay that we really appreciate having a home air compressor on hand for this kind of job.

There is wide a variety of children’s toys that need inflating. We know parents use their air compressors to inflate anything from space hoppers and paddling pools to footballs and rugby balls, as well as bicycle tyres. Let’s face it, there’s nothing like having an impatient child loitering at your elbow to make you wish you could get the toy inflated faster!

If you are passionate about your hobby, you are sure to find lots more uses for air-powered drills, screwdrivers, sanders, impact wrenches and nail guns as well as sprayers. So if you are a keen upholsterer, love making shabby-chic furniture or if you’re a model engineer, you are sure to get plenty of use from a compressor.
After you buy a home air compressor, you’ll find you can use if for sanding shelves, maintaining your boat, caravan or motorhome and many more things besides. If your friends and family tease you about your obsessive cleaning, you’re sure to see the benefits of using compressed air to blow away dust and dirt from awkward places (how can anyone clean behind radiators without one?)!

All of which goes to show that when you buy a portable air compressor, you are investing in an extremely versatile piece of equipment.