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Compressors for your DIY projects

DIY compressors

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Use a DIY air compressor to do your jobs better and faster

There are so many different ways you can use a small air compressor in and around your home to get DIY and other jobs done quickly and effortlessly. ABAC offers you a wide range of small and portable air compressors to use in the house, garage or workshop. Best of all, you can buy direct from us. We give you expert advice, a full range of supplies and great prices.

If you are wondering who uses air compressors and why, have a quick think. Ask yourself, “What are the different jobs I do around the house and garden? How will an air compressor help me when I am …”

  • Doing DIY?
  • Sanding down and refurbishing my boat?
  • Using my home mechanic skills on my car or motorbike?
  • Refurbishing furniture for my eBay shop?
  • Preparing my tractor or steam engine for the next rally?
  • Keeping my garden in great shape?
  • Giving my home a thorough, deep clean?

If you can make all these jobs simpler and quicker with an air compressor, you can do a better job and have more time to spend on the things you love doing.

Your DIY go-to kit

One air compressor can drive lots of different air tools so you will find yourself using it for all sorts of jobs. Just imagine how much better your project will look if you airbrush the finishing touches? Or how quick and easy it will be to spray paint a fence? Almost every home has some awkward corners that are hard to clean until you have an air compressor.
If you’re anything like us, it will quickly become one of those pieces of equipment that makes you say, “I don’t know how I managed without my air compressor!” (Mind you, here at ABAC we are compressor nerds!)

You will find our air compressors are divided into DIY, entry level, standard, small and with a carry handle but some of our compressors work well in lots of different applications. If you aren’t sure if the system you are looking at is suitable – or if you can’t find what you need – please use our LiveChat to talk to our expert team. Outside office hours, leave us a message and we’ll reply the next working day.

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Air compressors for DIY

Buy direct from the manufacturer for great prices, a full product range and expert advice


We really mean it. Our experts are available via Live Chat to help you find what you need.

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